I know reading doesn't seem to be interresting! - but with an excellent Book, its rather nice."It's like TV in your head!" That's why I'll post you the best Books I know :)

In German it is "Schneewittchenfalle" by Krystyna Kuhn. Unfortunately I didn't find an English Version, but you'll hopefully find it in some libraries. 
It's a really exciting Book.
 It's about a young girl, who had an accident and isn't able to remember how all this happened. Her mother died. She and her father move to an island, to start a new life. However she tries to remember what happened and discovers the shocking truth...

"Isola" was one of the 1st books of Isabel Abedi. Honestly, she's an amazing writer.
It's a thrilling story, about 14 Teenagers joining a project of a 
    famous director. 
 It should be a harmless game, but it ends deadly.

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