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Here I'll talk about some topics, which seem to be really important  :) Post your opinion! :)

Today`s Topic:   ADDICTION

Every person schould be free.Being addicted doesn't have to mean that you are addicted to drugs or cigarettes. Probably these are the  worst examaples, but you also can be addicted to TV, Twitter or even to your handy. 
Maybe it doesn´t seem to be important to you, but it can have  bad consequences if you don't try to deal with it. You may loose your own will.
Desides you may loose a lot of things because of this addiction. If you are addicted to Twitter, for instance, you may don't speak a lot to your friends and family. You have to care for the important things in your life.
Do you really want to be a slave of your handy or of your internet-site?
I know it isn't easy to give up a addiction, but at least you have to try!
Be Strong! Remember: You aren't alone! A lot of people have the sdame problem(s).
Celebs also.
Face the truth, don't lie to yourself and argue that everything is okay.
I hope my statement is clear :)
Good Luck with everything!
Yours C. :) <3

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